Well-being Coaching

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Well-being coaching offers a fully supported opportunity for self-investigation and learning so as to alignment one selves with living the very best life possible. For the honour of being human, life will throw varying degrees of joy, grief and difficulty at us. We may not always be able to alter what happens but we always have the freedom to choose how we respond to it. As a coach Dani will work with you, to bring you to a place of understand your choices and why you make them. Dani is responsible for the process Well-being coaching, but the ultimate responsibility for recovery and discovery lies with the client themselves.

Dani’s definition of Well-being coaching.

I believe everyone is fully capable of living a holistic, happy life regardless of what they have been through in the past. During these sessions we will work together to help you discover the triggers, patterns and belief blocks that make you resistant to positive change. I will ask questions and use techniques to help you uncover for yourself, your true potential, acknowledge your strengths and enable you to build resilience and confidence. My aim as coach is to fully support you on your journey from recovery to discovering a life of hope, happiness, healthy relationships and meaning.

Who is Well-being coaching for?

  • The teenager struggling with anxiety, fear and stress
  • The young person wanting to find more meaning in life
  • The person who is in recovery from a mental health issue
  • The person who just cant seem to see the wood from the trees
  • The parent lost after the nest empties
  • Anyone who just needs clarity and a little direction

All sessions are totally confidential

Session are 1 & 1/2 hours long at a cost of €90 per session. For a group of sessions packages are available.

Dani’s Story with struggle and resilience

In August 2001, while managing a 650 seat restaurant in times square NYC I had a very close encounter with a break down. There were signs leading up to it that I did not register, flaring up with staff who “just didn’t care”, feeling like “I had to do everything”, abusing alcohol etc. I had veered into mild depression on occasions prior to that and I knew that what I was going through was not good, but that I would get through it. Then September 11th happened and even more of my world fell apart. Was I to fall deeper into this state of anxiety and depression or do I help myself…I had a choice…..I choose to do something about it and so I turned to Yoga, Meditation and Reiki. They the tools I needed to keep me on track, balanced and calm but they also brought me happiness, joy, a feeling of meaning, deep spirituality and good friends. I was very fortunate to have had the resilience and ability to find a way through, but I have no doubt my beliefs and negative patterns slowed down that transformation.

I often wonder how much faster this recovery would have taken, had I the guidance of a well-being coach. Well-being coaching is similar to Life and Executive coaching in that it works with a client to encourage goal achievement, the difference being, it brings a deeper focus into the discovery of what brings meaning, hope, joy and balance back into their entire life. I feel very privileged to be leaning and working with this style of coaching people, to encourage them to live their best lives regardless of where they are on their journey of mental health