Mindfulnesss in Schools

 Mindfulness in Schools

“Having gotten through to the final of the Santry Relay, I noticed the 4 girls sitting in a circle 10 minutes before the race. I walked up to them to hear “what was it Dani said, connect with your feet, feel your breath in your body and just be. So lets get into the flow girls”.   It was wonderful to see them gather themselves like that.”

Guardian Angel Parent at Santry summer athletics

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Dani has been a teacher of Meditation and Yoga for over 16 years and a also a mother of  14 & 12 year old boys.

Having personally experienced the struggles that preteens and teanage children go through, Dani decided to complete the acredited    .b mindfulness course, teacher training. With an intention to help as many children as possible find a little peace of mind, confidence and self esteem.

She began teaching the course with the 2017, 2018 6th class in Guardian Angels NS and was trilled to get really positive feedback from the children. It was a wonderful experience to introduce Mindfulness to some children to connect with some and it gave others a great foundation to develop a practice later in life. Dani feels very privileged to be invited back this year again and really looking forward to opening these young minds to Mindfulness.

What is .b, pronounced [dot-be]?

.b, pronounced [dot-be], stands for ‘Stop, Breathe and Be!’ is the name for the range of courses created by Mindfulness in Schools Project, a charity whose aim is to encourage, support and research the teaching of secular mindfulness in schools.

With over 17 years meditation and Yoga teaching experience already under my belt. I wanted to reach our younger generation. So I  completed a MISP training course called .b. This course is designed to teach and encourage 11-18 year old to learn about and practice Mindfulness.  The course outline is 10 weeks long, with an introduction week 8 lessons and a final recap week. The idea is to spred the word on Mindfulness but for many pupils the course can relatively quickly lead to very positive outcomes: they feel calmer and more fulfilled; they can concentrate better; they have a toolkit to deal with stress and anxiety.

This course is perfectly designed to fit in with the new Wellbeing Guidelines for Junior Cycle as laid out by the NCCA.

For more information on the course content see below or contact

Cost is €800 for 10 week program. Each lesson running 40-45 minutes

Danisheilyoga@gmail.com or (086) 8122847




“Dani was really kind and made the course fun. I think I’ll use the meditation to help with  starting secondary school” 

“I really enjoyed the course, Dani was very nice and I had fun doing the practices with my aunty”

“I liked the mindfulness as it made me feel relaxed and I think it will be good for me when I do exams”

Grace 6th Class teacher; “Excellent, really loved the course and would love to learn more about it. Delivered so well, children really benefited from it at a time in their lives where worry could be taking over their young minds”