Corporate Well being


Do you have amazing staff? Are you a small company who wants to give “big company” benefits and rewards? Do your staff deserve some focus? Do you have loyal customers youd like to reward?

Yoga and meditation are an amazing way to destress and regain calm. They bring life balance back into people’s lives and can be a wonderful catalyst towards a healthy working environment.

I have created One day and Half day workshops ALL of which can be tailored to suit your companies’ particular needs.

Try an eight/six week Mindfulness course for your staff and see if you notice a difference in productivity.

A day of strong dynamic Yoga flow, meditation and gentle restorative yoga OR gentle Hatha Yoga, breathing exercise and meditation all created to balance the sympathetic nervous system and to quieten the over – exercise the mind.

Let me know what you need and I’ll find the balance!

So what are the benefits to you & your staff? 

  • Reduced costs of staff absenteeism caused by illness, injury, stress, long term illness

  • Enhanced communication skills

  • An increase in levels of emotional intelligence

  • Reduced staff turnover and associated costs

  • Increased self-awareness and awareness of others

  • A greater capacity to hold and manipulate information

  • Lower levels of psychological distress, including depression and anxiety

  • Higher levels of well-being and overall work and life satisfaction.

  • Improved cognitive function – including better concentration, memory, learning ability, creativity and innovation.

  • Improved productivity and improved overall staff and business well being

  • Enhanced employer/employee and client relationships

Previous clients;


I found it very beneficial and certainly in my zen mode right now. Very much interested to learn more as I do feel personally that it is an area that could help me fully engage and control my emotions and metal  state more productively.”

“I thought that was really useful, especially because there are short techniques you can use in your work day to ‘ground’ yourself and I know from personal experience, these techniques are really good to eliminate stress, ground yourself before a meeting, calm down etc”

“Thought the session was really good, but too short!  It gave a glimpse into an area that I feel could be really beneficial.  Would be great to get a course going if that was at all possible.”

“I would love to get into meditation myself, so a great foundation to learn more about it! I also love those sorts of information sessions, especially when they allow you to experience what it’s like to practice”

“Having spoken to a few people who attended the Sales meeting, we all agreed Dani was a great speaker, and they really enjoyed her session.  Everyone found Dani to be very engaging and communicated well, and they all loved the practice 🙂 Audrey; Sales Force executive”

There are great teachers out there but Dani really makes you feel like she wants you to get the very most from her Workshop. Judy

 I don’t even need to do your  class Dani, I just stand near you and I feel inspired and revitalised; Trisha Fir house

1/2 day corporate workshop;

Includes Yoga, meditation and deep relaxation (3 hours).

Full day corporate workshop;

Includes three types of Yoga, 2 meditations and deep relaxation; 3 hours in the morning and 2.5 hours in the afternoon.

1.5 hour Yoga & meditation class

All yoga equipment supplied.

Pricing is negotiable and subject to the clients / guests needs and requirements.

45 min Mindfulness introduction class

Power point presentation on the basics of Mindfulness, peppered with a few practices that your staff/guests can take home. This is suitable to those who have never practised and everyone open to a refresher class.

.; (086) 8122847

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