Rooftop class

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What an amazing morning for our practice on the Rooftop at The Marker Hotel! The sun couldn’t have shone more, massive thanks to all the lovely Yogis who took the time out to practice with me!

Sunshine brings out the play!

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Just love the brightness of this summer solstice day. Hope it’s a happy one for you!


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at THE MARKER HOTEL. Every Saturday morning 8.45am-10am.


This Rooftop Yoga class will combine stillness, movement, breath and meditation. The class will be invigorating, energising and balancing in this beautiful rooftop setting overlooking Dublin City.

It is assured to uplift your energy for the weekend ahead! Available to all levels of Yogis!

Class size is limited to assure as much attention as possible. Cost €25 per person to include fused water and some fruit.

Payment must be made two days prior to class and is non-refundable. Contact Dani (086)8122847 or email danisheilyoga@gmail.com

Mats and blocks provided however we know how much Yogis love their mats so please feel free to bring along your own!!

Dani has been teaching Yoga since 2002 with over 3000 hours of teaching experience. She did her initial training in NYC 2001-2002 and received a further 300 hours training in Dublin in 2013 and Mysore India in 2016. Dani never ceases to be amazed at the power of breath and movement in the motion of Yoga and finds it a means for body freedom as well as release of stress and tension.

Febuary 10th Yoga retreat

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Places are quickly filling for the Wellness and Yoga retreat in Brooklodge and Macreddin Village. If you’re contemplating joining us please get in touch so as not to be disappointed. (086)8122847 danisheilyoga@gmail.com

What is Yoga about?

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The true intention of Yoga is self realization.

To become aware that you are a intricate part of the Universe. No less than the stars, the trees, the mountains and the sea. Through Yoga you learn to breathe each breath with gratitude and appreciation for the amazing miricle of just living.

🙏 Namaste

Practices to bring more joy to Christmass. Tip 7

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And so here we are Christmas weekend. Are you ready to relax, celebrate and really be present to enjoy?

For this last tip I’m going to bring up the true meaning of the Spirit of Christmas. As Winston Churchill once said;
winston churchill

Human beings are inherently social beings. We have surivied as a species by taking care of each other. There are volumes of scientific reseach, proving how the act of giving produces the same happy hormones as eating Chocolate or even sex. Infact they have discovered the act of actually thinking about giving has mood boosting benifts for the brain. They also discovered its not about the amount we give but the act of giving itself.

So try thinking about someone in your life who could do with a little more. Wheither its a sandwich for a homeless person, a donation to a charity or a cup of coffee for your grandmother, plan to do something for someone else this weekend. You might find you get far more from giving than receiving this Christmas and it may even take the stress out of your brain!

I would like to wish each and everyone a peaceful and calm Christmas and the very best for a healthy and happy New year.