Month: February 2019

Yoga Retreat; what we do and why!

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So what is a Yoga retreat?

A retreat weekends or week is an opportunity to step away from ongoing commitments and just stop “doing”. When we stop, we give ourselves the chance to notice what is really going on for us. We get to bring back balance into our lives, to breathe a little deeper, calm the nervous system a little and start to look at life with fresh perspective. A Yoga & Mindfulness retreat is a withdrawal to focus on the practice of Yoga and Mindfulness.

The retreats I teach are currently offered to all levels of Yogi’s, from complete beginners to those with lots of experience. I instruct different options to people from basic to advance depending on the group. We practice evening and morning Yoga classes and Mindfulness before lunch. We take time to sleep well, use the Spa pools, go for a walk, maybe even get a massage, then we eat well to nourish the body.

When we practice Mindfulness and Yoga we become more aware of our bodies and senses and allow ourselves move from the “Thinking mind” to the “Sensing mind”. This quietens the monkey mind, that constant chatter of our thoughts and helps to sooth the nervous system.

I choose Brooklodge Hotel for both its Luxury, its beautiful location in the Wicklow Valley and its organic wholesome food. All which aiding the process of switch off, nourishing and self-care. Taking care of ourselves not only benefits us but everyone we come in contact with especially our friends and family.Brooklodge-Wells-Spa-Water-Feature-02

Come along in April and see for yourself, I guarantee you will only feel amazing after it!

APRIL 5TH at 6pm until April 7TH at 1.30pm 2019.  (086) 8122847