Yoga Practices to bring more joy to Christmas. Tip 6

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A simple Pause could save the day. 

If we all just took 5 seconds before reacting to any situation the world would be a safer place. For one thing there’d be less car accidents which would save everyone in car insurance costs!

In the pause between thinking and speaking the bodies neurons take the big step from the amygdala, which processes fear and stimuli like a hormonal teen, to the more evolved part of our brain, the frontal lobe, the part that is organised and stratagic.

This leap moves us from a position of reacting; ” Well you’re so selfish you would step over someone fallen on the street” to a place of responding “You know I’m just going to run to the toilet, I’m sure now is the right time for this conversation

So next time someone acts or speaks in a manner that upsets or disturbs you just take 5 seconds it could save the day!!



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