Month: December 2017

Practices to bring more joy to Christmass. Tip 7

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And so here we are Christmas weekend. Are you ready to relax, celebrate and really be present to enjoy?

For this last tip I’m going to bring up the true meaning of the Spirit of Christmas. As Winston Churchill once said;
winston churchill

Human beings are inherently social beings. We have surivied as a species by taking care of each other. There are volumes of scientific reseach, proving how the act of giving produces the same happy hormones as eating Chocolate or even sex. Infact they have discovered the act of actually thinking about giving has mood boosting benifts for the brain. They also discovered its not about the amount we give but the act of giving itself.

So try thinking about someone in your life who could do with a little more. Wheither its a sandwich for a homeless person, a donation to a charity or a cup of coffee for your grandmother, plan to do something for someone else this weekend. You might find you get far more from giving than receiving this Christmas and it may even take the stress out of your brain!

I would like to wish each and everyone a peaceful and calm Christmas and the very best for a healthy and happy New year.




Yoga Practices to bring more joy to Christmas. Tip 6

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A simple Pause could save the day. 

If we all just took 5 seconds before reacting to any situation the world would be a safer place. For one thing there’d be less car accidents which would save everyone in car insurance costs!

In the pause between thinking and speaking the bodies neurons take the big step from the amygdala, which processes fear and stimuli like a hormonal teen, to the more evolved part of our brain, the frontal lobe, the part that is organised and stratagic.

This leap moves us from a position of reacting; ” Well you’re so selfish you would step over someone fallen on the street” to a place of responding “You know I’m just going to run to the toilet, I’m sure now is the right time for this conversation

So next time someone acts or speaks in a manner that upsets or disturbs you just take 5 seconds it could save the day!!



Practice to help bring more joy to Christmas. Day 5

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This next one is not just for the Yogi!! 4 More sleeps…enjoy!!!


Yoga Practices to help bring more joy to Christmas. Day 4

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An short meditation to keep you out of your head and grounded in the present. When all you can hear is noise…take 5 and start to repsond better.


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Yoga practices to help bring more joy to Christmas; Day 3

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Loving Kindness, working on focusing on the what we appreciate about our family and loved ones.

Yoga practices to help bring more joy to Christmas; Day 2

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Day 2 I am offering you a simple pranayama ( yogic breathing exercise) to calm the nervous system and keep the mind in balance! Wishing you peace and happiness for Christmas.


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