Month: July 2017

Our true nature….

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Is Love… So beneath all we have picked up, put on-and covered up with to protect and shield ourselves the truth is we are love.  Hense all our asana, pranayama and meditation is about returning to our truth. Accept where we are and what we have been given and find the truth. Not easy but all will come with practice.



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Acceptance, so often spoken about during oimages (1)ur practice. Life becomes brilliant when we accept all; our joys our griefs our routines. Just breath through it all, learn what it teaches us. For most this is challenging when the little things shake us. What happens when something big happens, something that really rocks your world and that of your family? What level of breathing do you need to do to accept?

My kind, gentle and generous father in law, surrendered to his illness last week. It was a peaceful passing in the presence of many of his loved ones. The pain that goes with a death is like that of an earthquake, shaking many in its wake. The pain of a loving wife, devoted sons, brothers, grandchildren etc. I stood watching, observing and minding, all the while managing my own grief.

Monday I retreated, gifted with two days for myself and went into silence. I refilled my depleted cup and fell into the silence as a child falls into its mothers lap.

Fr Korko Moses, a Jesuit priest and Yogi running an ashram in southern India was hosting The ashram experience. One of Korko discussions was on Pain verses suffering. He explained that pain is not always something we can avoid. When we lose a loved one, we cannot avoid the pain. The one inevitable of life is death yet we struggle greatly to accept. Suffering comes from a lack of acceptance, a desire to remain in the past memories or thinking of a future without. The passing of Peter was inevitable, the pain for those close to him was intense. The question is now can we all move forward without the suffering. Not today maybe and not even tomorrow but perhaps someday in the not too distant future.

Life is a journey of learning to accept what is and to live as joyously as we can in each of the moments we have been granted.