Benefits of a Yoga retreat.

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Stressed, no time, too busy…Why go on a Yoga retreat?

For many of us life has become a frenzy. We’re working longer hours, moving faster, rushing our food, panicking over our ‘to do list’ and coming home to repeat the same pattern in our ‘time off’. The work life balance has tipped in the wrong direction leading to stress, fatigue, ill health and a disregard for our own wellbeing. We feel guilty over not having the time for the people we love, or to do the things that we love and that fill our soul.

We overcompensate for this sense of lack by ‘buying’ the latest accessory whether it be a book, a car or fashion. The novelty wears off and we go after the next fad and so on and so forth, none of which fulfils us or helps us to achieve a sense of purpose. Nor does it help us to find balance in our lives or improve our health.

So what does a retreat do?

  • It gives us the opportunity to step out of our hectic life and view it from a different perspective.
  • It allows us a chance to stop, breath, study and re-evaluate where we are and where we are going.
  • It offers tools to help cope with the stress of our daily life and find methods that suit us, to improve our health and overall wellbeing.
  • It helps us gain insight into how life can be and helps us to rediscover balance.
  • It’s an opportunity a few times a year or every few years to step back and gain perspective.
  • It improves health and can change patterns that no longer serve us.
  • It feels so rejuvinating and refreshing

Life is fleeting, do more than just exist!

Retreat Feb 17th- 19th; Donard, Co Wicklow;  yoga experience not necessary, open to all levels of practitioners. (086)8122847


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