Month: December 2016

Happy Winter solstice

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Letting go to create space; open up to the sunshine. This has become my favourite day of the year… so many posibilities for the year ahead, for the creating your life and happiness. The sun is shining here in Dublin and my heart is filled with hope and belief.

Wishing you all every joy for the solstice, Christmas and the New Year

Winter solstice Dec 21st

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The shortest day of the year, winter solstice Dec 21st, is a time to withdraw and close in. A time to reflect on where we have recently been and let go of all that no longer serves us . As we draw need to the final pages in this chapter of our lives we now have the oppertunity to start anew. What are your dreams and hopes, what direction do you want to move towards?

Wednesday 21st class 9.45am @ The Yoga Room, Merrion road, we’ll reflect, withdraw and reconnect.

Christmas retreat;

Join me Dec 28th and 29th 10am -12.30pm; The Yoga Room, Merrion Rd,Ballsbridge.

A day to let go and listen to your hearts desire, followed by a day to move forward and embrace the true version of you.

Wishing you a peaceful and pleasant Winter Solstice