Month: February 2016

Age, fear and the unknown

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There is only one week before I get to fly off to Mysore and throw myself into two weeks of total Yoga immersion. As I print off my flight details and pack my cotton Yoga pants, I feel butterflies in my tummy. Its been some 15 years since I ventured off alone. Familiar excitement yes, but the difference of 40+ year old me on an adventure and the 20+ year old me brings one thing…Fear.

Big Massive resisting Fear; will I meet nice people? will I have a good re-pour with the teachers? will the kids be okay? will my husband get totally stressed? and the list goes on…  I know from many years of travel that it will all be totally different to what I’m expecting, it will bring challenges and it will be exactly what I need at this time in my life. Its funny watching the mature me reacting in ways the younger me would have laughed at. I’m also watching how I now bring the wisdom of my years to into play as I find ways to support myself and bring ease into the experience.

….and so the practice of Santosa begins. One of the 5 Niyama’s, or Yogic moral codes, meaning contentment. It is acceptance of ones circumstances as they are. My physical journey starts in one week but my emotional spiritual journey starts now.                     Each moment different but I am ready to embrace it!