Month: June 2015

To be you as a yoga teacher.

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I couldn’t count many times have I had the “you don’t look like a Yoga teacher” comment or look! Only a few days ago I was told by a girl that she reads energy really well & she never read that from mine! I know exactly the image and perception people have. Skinny, skirt flowing, daisy’s in the hair teacher and by the way I know a few amazing Yoga teachers that fit that description.

That’s just not me. Sometimes I wear high heels. I like to wear make up,heels as I feel good with it on. I have a diamond engagement ring….horrific I know. I like red wine & I eat a steak every couple of months. Do these things interfere with the way I teach, do they make me a bad teacher. Suffice to say I have never taught a class under the influence of alcohol or any such substances, I endeavour to buy free range product and while I love the ring my husband choose for me, my life wouldn’t end without it.

I try to approach all my students with equal respect and I love to teach Yoga…all of Yoga. I love to explore Yoga, to feel yoga, breath Yoga. Just because I don’t wear hemp and I use an odd profanity does that make me an unauthentic Yoga teacher?