Month: May 2015

Teen Yoga

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This Week brings to an end Teen Yoga for this year. Also an end to teen Yoga for some of the lovely young women that have been coming to me for 2/3 years. They have taught me so much and we’ve laughed along the way. What a wonderful group, kind, fun and really sensitive to each other. They give me great hope for the future with the world in their hands we’ll be ok. I wish them all the very best in their exams & just want to remind them to stay close to the breath!

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Yoga at The Marker

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Check in about 9.15 for class tomorrow. Some mats etc provided but bring your own if possible!Class in the conference center and refreshments on the roof top. Bring your jackets incase there’s a breeze. Really looking forward to meeting with you all for this fantastic cause. Sleep well! Dani

Yoga for Nepal

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imageJoin me #@themarkerhotel for a morning of Yoga.

Sat May 16th. 9.30am-11am open level Yoga followed by Tea/Coffee and a smoothie on The Rooftop bar of The Marker Hotel.

€30 with all proceeds going 50/50% to Goal  & to Auriela Gajda working on the ground in Nepal.

contact me to book a place!!

To fall in Love with breath.

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Loving Breath

It’s been 16 years since I first stepped onto a Yoga mat. It’s been relationship like all others, sometimes it totally consumed me, there were times when I was angry with it and there were the times I neglected it. I have studied it, felt it, tried to analyse it and played with it. Thankfully I’ve never been able to turn away from it. It’s been a fascinating journey and I’ve had the great privilege of working with amazing teachers and practising with wonderful yogis who have become fast friends.

Last week I allowed myself the space & privilege to work with James Higgins for a week long Master class immersion. I’ve been attending his workshops since 2011 and so am grateful to have him for a week of our 500hr training in 2012. So I was very excited to be returning to the mat with him again.James invited us to move deeply into postures while he spoke with an ease that softened a strong practice. He got us to question our souls desire…. “how can we be kinder to ourselves”…. “what do we long for?”……..My breath…. connection….willingness to love self… loving the breath… in being totally present with the breath… its all there.

Questions of life may never be answered but we move on regardless. Stay faithful to the breath let it be soft, close, connect with the oneness. 16 years of learning its all about the simplicity of taking a breath. Loving kindness to self….Loving kindness to the breath.