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Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat; Jan 24th – 26th 2014

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Join Ellen & Dani at the beautiful Cliffs of Moher retreat centre, Liscannor, Co Clare for a weekend of relaxing, unwinding, de-stressing and re-connecting.


During the 3 days you will:

  • Learn about a range of meditations – both mindfulness and guided- and how to bring them into your everyday life.
  • Practise 4 open level yoga classes from strengthening Vinyasa to calming & balancing Restorative yoga.
  • Practise mindful walking and mindful eating.
  • Eat healthy, nutritious, organic food (breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price.)
  • Stay in a beautiful yoga home on the west coast of Ireland, which has some spectacular walks and scenery right by the majestic Cliffs.
  • Give yourself the space to stop, breath and reconnect.


Arrival Friday

Check in any time after 4pm.

Relax at the cottage, take a walk or enjoy a treatment.

18:00 – Introduction first Meditation & restorative Yoga class, 90 minutes.

19:30 – Dinner, delicious and healthy, fare!

Introduction to the weekend, the schedule and the area



8:00 – Muesli/Porridge and fruit

8:30 – Early morning Mindful walk (optional!)

10:00 – 12.00 Introduction to Mindfulness, meditation & yoga class

12:30 – Brunch – lots of yummy healthy food

Free time – Options to take a trip to Lahinch to the beach, go surfing, take a tour of the area including the Cliffs of Moher and The Burren or stay and relax and enjoy a treatment.

17:30 – 1 hour yoga class

19:30 – Dinner – more lovely homemade healthy food followed by delicious healthy dessert

21:00 – Meditation




8:00 – Museli/Porridge and fruit

8:30 – Early morning Mindful walk (optional!)

10:00 – 2 hour Mindfulness, Meditation & yoga class

12:30 –  Brunch – lots of yummy healthy food

14:00 – Mindfull & meaningful goodbye J


During the day, herbal teas and fruit will be available at all times 

The price of €330 includes accommodation, food, herbal teas and fruit, yoga classes and mediations. Price is per person sharing. For booking please contact either Ellen  086 682 44901 or Dani /086 8122847.

Ellen Shilling and Dani Sheil met and connected through Reiki & Yoga. Both believe strongly in the importance of creating a space to connect in and empower oneself to live a full and creative life.

Ellen is a fully qualified licensed and registered life Coach, Reiki Master & Teacher, TAT Professional and Kinesiologist, with many years’ experience.                   Dani is a Reiki Master and has been teaching yoga since 2002, this year qualifying as 500hour registered Yoga Alliance Teacher.

A non-refundable deposit of €200 is needed to secure your place with the final balance due by Dec 13th. You can pay by check or bank transfer contact Dani for more information.Image

The tiny seed k…

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The tiny seed knows that in order to grow it needs to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness and struggle to reach the light.
Sandra King

This week I faced a regular personal challenge; how to maintain balance or even how to achieve balance when struggling to find the time to observe the practices I require to achieve that balance. My daily meditation practice has become quite sacred to me and my Asana practice following closely. This week the Vata winds blew into my house, shook my alter & knocked me from my centre. My thoughts were erratic & irrational. I fought to find time to practice those sacred practices I need to ground my energy.

Being of Vata- Pitta constitution I was fully aware as the winds blew stronger & the temperature changed I would be effected by this Vata season. But as if observing from the outside I let myself fall into a Vata frenzy. Each day sitting to mediate but allowing my mind to jump like that wicked monkey, rolling out the mat only to roll it back up as I’d ‘first’ to do X…Y…Z. I tried without really surrendering, without Santosa, to ‘change’.

After a few sleepless nights and crazy days that followed I finally just stopped.  I realised that was it, I needed to just stop… Forget the jobs, emails, house and just stop. So I battened down the hatches and went to bed. I slept solidly for 9 hours and awoke refreshed and a little more grounded. That morning, instead of my usual Pitta driven Vinyasa I practised  Restorative yoga and sat in meditation without any expectation to deliver a ‘good’  practice I felt better for a while. The next day as I blew around still as Vata but a little more earthed I did my practices again adding some Apana Vayu pranayama and got closer to balance. By day three I’m now on the road to closing the windows and coming back to my centre.

 Life will always throw us struggles to make sure we’re really listening and not just becoming complacent. I’m so grateful to my practice that it offers different solutions for different days. I’m grateful to the wonderful teacher I’ve had that were open to different modalities & yoga practices. Everyday I’m learning so much through yoga and about Yoga and I am  honoured to be able to acknowledge how lucky am I.